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Rockers Delight

Dave Little has been a designer of distinction for three decades, making his mark through the mediums of music and fashion. Collaborating with world class artists and as a result, his work is a permanent feature at the V&A Museum in London and has collaborated with leading Japanese fashion innovator Michiko Koshino in the 1990s, and creating the most iconic streetwear ranges: Motor King, and Pucka Clobba. He also worked with Golf King, a glamorous range golfing range influenced by the 1930s.

Rockers Delight

Throughout the music scene, he was the go­to artist for flyers, sleeves, and poster graphics for London’s seminal club nights designing among others for Bomb The Bass, S­Express, and Stereo MC’s. This was in conjunction with DJs and producers Paul Oakenfold, Terry Farley, and Andrew Weatherall.

As a designer fully immersed in an era defined by its arresting and innovative visuals, his designs are now considered classics of the late 80s emerging dance scene. Combining his obsession for riding hyper superbikes and noticing a criminal lack of distinctive signature pieces connected to the biking world, Dave was compelled to create Rockers Delight – a brand new range that marries tough leather and drill classics with strong graphic illustrations. Inspired from the rockers of the 1950s, Rockers Delight brings that coveted style into today’s fashion scene.

This new range is dedicated to his idea of creating a world first: The 21st Century Rocker.